Business Analysis

We do business analysis to suit your needs and find the right path for optimization and Return of interest.

Regression Testing

Testing is the key cornerstone to any successful software development and we don’t leave any room for errors. Test Driven Development as long been our methodology.

Compliance Analysis

We understand strict audit requirements and compliance needs, thus we have all the tools needed to meet that requirement.


We have solutions ranging from SMB to Enterprise level and can swiftly deploy the solutions with minimal downtime that meets the SLA. We strike for Continuous Deployment Model aka DEV OPS pattern.

Cloud Readiness

We have the expertise to move legacy applications to any cloud Provider of choice. We are the early adopters of Hybrid Cloud Architecture. We have delivered cloud solutions in very tight deadlines to meet the competition.

Implementation and Training

We provide training and implementation details for all our undertakings. We have a skilled team of trainers who can carry deep dive into all the emerging technologies and best practises in the Industry for Agile or Scrum development model.

Mobile Eco-System

With the rapid success of Mobile Eco-System, we have state of the art mobile solutions to meet any business needs.

Project Management

Any software delivery can’t be completed without a proper Software Development Life cycle We have PMP certified PM’s in our team to make all this happen


Geektown, yes that’s what we call them. Talented and bright set of developers in our team make us proud and nod with cutting edge solutions and design.


We provide complete internet solutions to include B2B and EAI products. Our A-Team is comprised of individuals who are well versed with modern web and browser technologies in a Distributed Network Architecture backed by strong object-oriented languages like C# and Java.