We build modern solutions with maximum ROI

VSINC, is a small, successful and fast growing MBE in the State of Maryland. We have been in business since 2006 and have ever since provided IT Solutions to State and Commercial entities. VSINC has a background in Medicaid System, Internet Solutions, Cloud Based Development & Hosting, Database Design, Website Development and Smartphone solutions & Logistics based programming

At VSINC we develop not only modern solutions but we do it with maximum ROI and and low TCO. Getting you to Cloud or host your solution on Premise with Cloud ready is no challenge for us. We do it with utmost perfection to delivery high results.

Our team has over 15+years of experience in developing Government and Enterprise ready solutions and with High Availability and minimum downtime so that your business doesn’t suffer. Be it High end computation work or smooth scrolling web interface, it has been done with perfection and great accuracy.

VSINC offers a strong analytical approach in combination with an eye to the future, which are the key to our problem-solving abilities. We deliver solutions that not only meet the immediate objectives of our clients, but position them to face future business critical emerging issues. Today, as never before, decision-makers are seeking expertise in creating flexible responses to new challenges in the rapidly changing business ecosystem and government environment.

VSINC offers the following core competencies:

  • Medicaid solutions with strong expertise in full claim lifecycle development
  • EDI/HIPAA expertise
  • Cloud computing and hosting
  • Mobile development
  • Server and middleware solutions
  • 24×7 customer support system

Internet Solutions

VSINC provides complete internet solutions to include B2B and EAI products. Our A-Team is comprised of individuals who are well versed with modern web and browser technologies in a Distributed Network Architecture backed by strong object-oriented languages like C# and Java. We have created Enterprise Portals that have been instrumental in the development of government Medicaid solutions.

Software Development

VSINC works with clients to define their unique needs through customized software enhancements, redevelopment and new work processes utilizing the most current and update vendors. Whether be it in Cloud or on Premise development we build the solution with utmost precision and modernization based on our Test Driven Development Methodology.

Database Design and Development

Although technology is a crucial component of an application, it is the accuracy and consistency of the information and data provided that determines its success. Whether designing a complex relational data or large scale analytic cubes or be it dashboard solution with Key Performance Indexes for Charting & Reporting, VSINC can provide certified professional database experts to assist in managing and designing an agency’s data in an effective manner with backup solutions and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Custom Application Development

After VSINC establishes the requirements for an application, a thorough technical design is prepared before the code is written. Whether building a client/server or a Web-enabled application, standards are adhered to during system development to make certain of flexibility for enhancements, ease of maintenance and security.

VSINC Test Driven Development Methodology

VSINC incorporates Best Practices for Test Driven Development Methodology. All our solutions go through rigorous Test Benchmarks to thoroughly pass the certification to deliver the best software solutions. We have custom Unit Testing procedures that span from browser independence to large and small scale workloads sieving through server and databases technologies. We have expertise in managing the Complete Software Development Lifecycle with SCRUM and Agile Methodologies. We maintain our code and assets in Secured Repositories for version control, rapid software development, and team collaboration.